Reunited Heart Plans New Music After Successful Tour

Led by sisters Nancy Wilson and Ann Wilson the band Heart returned in 2019.  Now, they have plans for new music in 2020. Nancy Wilson said in an interview that “I’ve got a lot of song ideas in my head and in my notes on my phone, and [I’ve been] singing into my phone. So I think that new Heart material would be really great, because the last album we did was Beautiful Broken, [where] we kind of redid some of our favorite [songs from Heart’s catalog].”

Heart was formed in 1970 in Seattle by Steve Fossen, Roger Fisher, David Belzer, and Jeff Johnson and Since 1973 the vocalists for Heart have been sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. The band has sold over 35 million records worldwide, had 20 top 40 singles, seven top 10 albums and four Grammy nominations. 

Heart’s breakup occurred back during their 2016, tour, when Ann and Nancy had a fight after Ann’s husband Dean Welter was arrested for assaulting Nancy’s then-16-year-old twin sons in a backstage altercation at a gig near their hometown of Seattle. He pleaded guilty to two lesser assault charges to avoid jail time.

Heart Plan New Music for 2020


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