Unreleased Clips By Rolling Stones From 1969 Are Posted On YouTube

Previously unreleased clips from various Rolling Stones performances in 1969 were published online a few hours before the end of 2019.  Nearly 130 audio clips, ranging from about two minutes to 23 minutes in length, were uploaded to a YouTube account named 69RSTRAX. Every clip carried a legal notice stating that the copyright was owned by Abkco..

Among the unheard material were a number of rough live recordings, including taped tracks from the Altamont festival. Alternative versions of studio songs from the Stones’ Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers albums (the latter was released in 1971 but recorded in December 1969). A take of “Gimme Shelter” sung by Keith Richards rather than Mick Jagger, and a take of “You Got the Silver” with Jagger’s vocals rather than Richards.’ 

UPDATE: The Rolling Stones recordings were removed from YouTube early on the afternoon of Jan. 1, approximately 24 hours after they were posted. The brief release apparently extends their copyright, which otherwise would have expired in 2019.

Rare Rolling Stones Outtakes Appear on YouTube in Copyright-Extending Release

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Editorial credit: JStone / Shutterstock.com