Red Hot Chili Peppers To Record New Album With John Frusciante

Red Hot Chili Peppers fans were surprised with the news recently that guitarist John Frusciante was rejoining the band. Now, less than a month later, RHCP have confirmed that they’re working on a new album with Frusciante. 

Drummer Chad Smith revealed the news in an interview with Rolling Stone, saying in part:  “I was given strict orders for this interview: ‘DON’T TALK ABOUT THE BAND.’ But, yes, John is back in the band, and everyone knows that. We’re psyched. The festivals are the only shows booked. For now, we’ll mostly be concentrating on new songs and writing a new record. We’re all real excited to make new music.

RHCP have a handful of festival dates booked for the coming months, starting in May.

Chad Smith Confirms Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Recording An Album With John Frusciante


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