2020 Record Store Day Delayed Until June

This year’s Record Store Day has been pushed back from April 18th until June 20th due to the concern over the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. 

Organizers said, “Record Store Day is a worldwide event celebrating record stores and their place in the community. In the interest of being good members of those local, national and worldwide communities, we’ve decided to move the date of Record Store Day 2020 to June 20. The basic plan is to shift everything to that date, but there are a lot of people and things involved with a worldwide event like this, and a lot of moving pieces, so be nice to your record store if they don’t have an immediate answer to your questions. We’re all working on, well, everything. Wash your hands. Take care. We want everyone to be happy, healthy and looking forward to getting together for the party.”

You can see a full list of Record Store Day releases at the link here.

Record Store Day postponed until summer over coronavirus

Via www.altpress.com