Bad Religion’s New Song ‘Emancipation of the Mind’ debuts on Inauguration Day

Bad Religion released “Emancipation Of The Mind,” an outtake from the 2019 album Age Of Unreason which debuted on the inauguration day of President Joe Biden.

The lyrics call for reason and open-mindedness as a new administration is welcomed into the White House. Co-songwriter and vocalist Greg Graffin said, “I think the song really is a celebration of enlightenment values that can be cultivated through enthusiastic learning and open-mindedness. So often we’re told what to think. But learning how to think (as opposed to learning what to think) is a true feeling of emancipation from the constraints of indoctrination that are so commonplace in our society.”

Check out the song – here.

Bad Religion marks Inauguration Day with new song, “Emancipation of the Mind”


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