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KZOZ Studio Hotline: 805-543-3693

93.3 KZOZ is TEXTING too!

Hit us up with questions, comments, requests, random pictures of your cat...whatever you want! It's that same number and now you can call OR text! 805-543-3693!

KZOZ Texts are Properly Chilled by 805 Beer, online at!

For other inquiries and comments, please send us a brief email, we would love to hear what you have to say.

If you are interested in advertising please define your business, your goals, your contact information.

If you are would like to know what the last song was that was played, please see the "home page" on the bottom left you will see the music list.


American General Media 3620 Sacramento Drive Suite 204, San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401 805-781-2750




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