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Jeff and Jeremy's Mac Off!

93.3 KZOZ is bringing the Mac & Cheese competition onto the airwaves and giving YOU the chance to compete for the first time ever in....

Jeff & Jeremy's Mac Off

You could score free tickets to the 6th Annual Mac & Cheese Fest on Saturday, June 24th at Avila Beach Golf Resort!

Submit your best home made Mac & Cheese recipe here to get in on the Mac Off!

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Each week on 'MAC MONDAY', 2 home recipes will go head to head in the KZOZ studio! We'll have a different local pro chef sitting in on the 'Mac Off' judges panel with Jeff & Jeremy. Every week, one winning recipe will instantly win tickets to the event AND move on to the final round of the Mac Off where all finalists will compete. Only ONE home chef will come out as Jeff & Jeremy's Mac Off Champion! Our champ gets tickets to this year's Mac & Cheese Fest AND you'll be all set for next year with 2 tickets secured for our Mac & Cheese Fest year 7!

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