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SLO Film Fest: Surf Nite and King Vidor Awards with VIP After Party!

March 16th and March 17th!

KZOZ invites you back to The SLO Film Festival from March 13th to March 18th!

You can win a pair of tickets to both Surf Nite and The King Vidor Awards with VIP After Party!

Sign up today! A winner will be drawn Monday March 12th!

Click here to find out more about SLO Film Fest and other various showings and venues!

Surf Nite includes two films: THE AGAVE GUN and THE BIG WAVE PROJECT!

The King Vidor Awards are the best films of the Fest!

"Have fun with your Festival planning and consider taking a few days away from your regularly schedule life to enjoy the wide variety of movies, people and experiences we are bringing to San Luis Obispo County this March. You won’t be disappointed!"
"See you at the movies!" -Wendy Eidson, SLO Film Fest Director
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