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SLO Film Fest

It's almost time for the SLO Film Festival! It's here from March 13th to 18th and at various theaters!

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KZOZ Sponsored movies:

King Vidor Awards on Saturday, March 17 at The Historic Fremont! This is The George Sidney Independent Film Awards, presented in several categories, are juried by film and media professionals. The King Vidor Award recipient to be announced soon! Click here to find out more!

Movies By The Bay: Surf & Skate on Saturday, March 17 at The Bay Theater in Morro Bay is a TRIPLE feature! The first two are Secrets of Desert Point and Time Well Spent Documentary! Both having to deal with the ocean and surfing and finding the best wave of your life! Then, there is Virgin Blacktop: A New York Skate Odyssey! A film about coming-of-age skaters in New York City! Click here to find out more!

PLUS, check out Surf Nite on Friday, March 16 at The Historic Fremont! Surf nite is a double feature! They are: THE AGAVE GUN and THE BIG WAVE PROJECT! Both have a huge emphasis on surfing and the ocean and you will be on the edge of your seat for the ride! Click here to find out more!