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It's the Vinyl Four!

Final Four? PSHHHH- forget it! How about the VINYL FOUR?!

The title "Best Rock Album of All Time" is on the line with some of the best albums in rock history going head to head in KZOZ's Vinyl Four!

Prizes? YEP!

Complete your up front bracket now for a chance at the Grand Prize!!*


The Grand Prize?

Grab 2 tickets to EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. on the Grandstand Stage at the California Mid-State Fair in July!

And, heck yeah that includes that lil old band from Texas! ZZ Top with special guest George Thorogood on July 25th!

We'll even cover your parking, plus 2 season passes for admission all brought to you by Mid Coast Mower & Saw and Husqvarna!

Nothing makes a tough outdoor job easy like the legendary power and performance of your Husqvarna tractor, a proven workhorse. There's never been a better time to choose Husqvarna. Visit Mid Coast Mower and Saw on El Camino Real in Atascadero or call 805-466-2323

** Up Front bracket must be completed before Midnight on Thursday, April 19, 2018 to be eligible for Grand Prize Package. **