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RAVA Winery New Years Eve!

This All-Inclusive Champagne and Cabaret Soirée is one New Years Party you won't want to catch #FOMO!

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The Sunset Winos are a band comprised of Former and Current members of Alice Cooper, Guns N Roses, LA Guns and KISS. Eric Singer from Kiss is in the Winos and will be playing at Rava Wines in Paso Robles on NYE 2018. We talked with some of the Bandmates and sat down with Eric Singer to talk about the Final KISS world tour. Be sure to listen to this behind the scenes look at the Sunset Winos, KISS and the NYE Party at Rava Wines in Paso Robles to ring in 2019.

This is the final week and we are giving away a pair, AND a hotel stay, and $100 for safe transportation!

Join us for a thrilling showcase of world-class artists in one of the most creative interactive productions on the Central Coast! Ring in the New Year at Rava Wines with an enthralling and alluring Variety Show!

There are good shows. There are great shows. And there are shows you just can’t miss.

Be Entertained:

The Sunset Winos will perform live, paying tribute to classic rock from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The Sunset Winos are an all-star jam featuring revolving members of and from Alice Cooper, Guns N’ Roses, Kiss, Stray Cats and many more. Raise your glass to the New Year while dancing to the music you know and love!

Be Charmed:

Enjoy the cabaret performance by some of Hollywood’s most notable dancers. Each entertainer brings a unique combination of passion and experience. Revel in the intimate ambiance of the Cabaret Dancers as you delight in a musical, choreographed jubilation of a new year dawning. Talent abounds with professional dancers from Burlesque, Celebrity Circus, Dancing with The Stars, Glee, The Greatest Showman and tours such as Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Katy Perry, LeAnn Rimes, Pink, Cher and Usher to name a few.

Be Amazed:

Rava Wines will transform into an adult playground reminiscent of your childhood visit to the circus. Be witness to talent that will dazzle with visually stunning cirque-type specialty acts. The glitz and glamour, once unique to Hollywood and Vegas, is being brought to you by Rava Wines + Events.

Be Indulged:

A lavish five-star dining experience of tantalizing and innovative locally-sourced dishes will be prepared by Farmhouse Corner Market. In addition to the robust dinner, your ticket includes all you can drink & champagne at midnight. It will be a delectable experience of food and wine to be had by all.

Let’s give an exuberant wave to 2018 while we tip our glasses and embrace all that’s possible in the New Year! Party favors included.