Addiction is such a harsh word. We prefer “can’t live without.” But what is it that gets people hooked on substances? Is it a personally thing? Becasuse people do say that they have “addictive personalities.” Or is it the scientific fact that when one takes enough of a substance, their body literally gets used to the presence of it and then cannot go on without it? Well if one wants to find out that answer, we could talk to people that try to fight off the addiction of substances. And how exactly do you fight off addiction? Does a nicotine patch really work? All it does is let the chemicals you are already hooked on enter your blood stream in small doses until your body can resume normal functioning without it. (except for those people who claim to be addicted to “Twilight”. First of all that’s not addiction, that’s obsession, and you ca’t be weaned off that lameness, you’re born lame.) But you have to watch yourself no matter what. Remember, too much of any good thing will always turn into a bad thing.

People go to rehab to fight off addiction…or maybe just to sell their record. But one can addicted to anything, from copenhagen to a tv show

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