So everyone knows of the fairly recent law that drivers cannot be talking on the cell phone while operating a vehicle unless they are using a hands-free device, such as a blue tooth headset. However, there is no official law stating that bicyclists also have to abide by the law. So think about this for a second…drivers have to share the road with bicylcists, biclyclists have to abide by all road laws such as stopping at stop signs and street lights, giving pedestrians the right away, etc. However, bicyclists can talk on the phone while riding? First off, that seems very unsafe to be riding a bike with one hand while talking on the phone with the other. A simple overcorrection puts a person right into the middle of the road, potenially being hit by a car. But no matter, Sen. Joe Simitian came up with a genius idea to extend the no cell phone law to bicyclists on the road. Way to earn your salary and do your job to push this amazing bill that should just be common sense to apply the original hands-free law to bicyclists in the first place.

This is why Jeff  should be President, so we wouldn’t waste time on lame bills like this

What?!? John Kerry on a bike while talking on the cell phone? His helmet’s not even on!

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