ok, ok, we all know that you are saying WTF!!! But it is absolutely true!

It means two things

1) Colorado is now part of what will be quite arguably the strongest football conference in the nation.

2) More than likely (if Nebraska goes to the Big 10) Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma will also move to the PAC 10  16. This will form a PAC 10 East and West. Arizona and Arizona State would move to teh East and the traditional eight schools that have been in the conference since it’s inception will be in the West.

Essentially there would be four super Conferences the SEC, BIG 16, PAC 16, and some sort of ACC/BIG EAST hybrid. This would create a Final Four scenario with the four conference champions playing in the BCS Bowls as a Semi Final. Or… a Final Four if you will. Texas Tech Head Coach Tommy Tuberville explains the Scenario Below.

The Fella’s over at Bleacher Report have done some research in the above topic as well. Although their research doesn’t quite match with ours you should still check it out here

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