A led Zeppelin tribute band, Led Zepagain. This is acceptable since Led Zeppelin doesn’t tour anymore

A Muse tribute Band?!? Seriously? These guys are still pretty new to the music scene and playing sold out shows! You are a cover band my friend!

There have been a lot of amazing bands that have come through that have been influential to people around the world and were the voice for generations. But as we all know, rockers get old, they retire, they die, and the band is no longer able to perform and write. However, a great band’s music is never forgotten and their messages are carried into the next generation of music fanatics. People will form what is known as tribute bands to help carry on the music written by the artists that influenced their lives heavily. This is a great idea, to keep the music going when the artists can no longer do it. You pay tribute to the music that you love and keep it going for others to enjoy. However, you can’t pay tribute to a band that is still writing, touring, and have their own fan base! That’s like holding a funeral for someone who is still alive and kickin’ it. It’s not right to call yourself a tribute band in this situation! You are a cover band. That’s not a bad thing. Playing your favorite artist’s music is awesome, but you are not paying tribute to them because they are still alive and rocking out!

Let’s pay tribute to a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit

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