So we got together quote “The three worst spellers” (Jeremy, Steve, and the intern Rory) that Jeff has met to face off in an eighth grade level spelling bee. Once more, each speller represented a KZOZ listener that wanted to win free tickets to Sammy Hagar. The first three people who called in got to pick their representative, and Rory the intern was chosen last. Whoever won the contest would win tickets to see Sammy at the County fair for the person they represented. Jeff used a random word generator (the link is posted below) to pick words for the contestants to attempt to spell correctly. The event started off with a very quick elimination with Steve misspelling “rutabaga”. It then went to Jeremy who mistakenly spelled “supplement” with an “i”. Rory took the steal and then again lost his advantage. The stupidity lasted a little longer with both Jeremy and Rory not able to spell a word correctly. In the end, Rory stole the word “photosynthesis” from Jeremy and then won the contest completely with the word “fallacy”. That’s our college system at work right there. Steve, the person Rory was representing, (not the other contestant) was then graced with free tickets to see Sammy Hagar.

Jeremy, Steve and the intern Rory face off in an eighth grade level spelling bee with Rory coming out on top!

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