So you have good girl Jennifer Aniston and funny man John C. Reilly together on the set of “The Good Girl” ready to do a sex scene.  John is humming “I didn’t mean to turn you on” and things look like they are about to heat up in the bedroom stage. John Reilly is ready and pumped to “get it on”, but Jennifer takes a different route, as she is fully clothes in “two pairs of sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt.” If that wasn’t enough to shy John away from this scene, she also asks for a “chastity pillow” to put between her legs to minimize contact between the two. I think John got the hint that this wouldn’t be as sexy of a scene as once thought.

John C. Reilly explains the “romantic” sex scene he was in with Jennifer Aniston

Mr. Skin’s thoughts and additional input on sex scenes, and some upskirt action

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