It’s 6:30 in the cold morning. Most people are asleep or maybe getting ready for a hard day of work. However, there is a certain type of person out ther; A person filled with spirit; A person that supports the country of America; A person who bleed our colors of red white and blue, waking up at the brink of dawn ready to get drunk and watch the world’s biggest single sporting event, THE WORLD CUP! Now America is not known for being the best team around, and let’s face it, most of our country doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the game. However, of course there are those die hard fans ready to go down to the bars right when they open to support our country and team. But then again, is the World Cup just another excuse for Americans to forget all their problems of everyday life and get wasted at 6 in the morning with their buddies? Then again, is that a problem? So we sent our intern to the local bar McCarthy’s to check out the scene, and ran a little social experiment to see why people really go out to the bars that early, and made it a game to win Sammy Hagar tickets. The idea was to see if the person cussed, mentioned drinks or drinking, or the USA team first.

Will the die hard soccer fan mention drinking, cussing, or the most important reason for being at the bar at 6am in the fisrt place, USA SOCCER!?

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