Can you believe it’s already been a year since pop legend Michael Jackson has passed away? That was like a national catastrophe! The day that the king of pop passed away. Granted he did molest a few kids on the way out. But no matter. Do you remember when the man who transversed races passed away? Jeff and Jeremy were on a golf course when they heard the news. The intern Rory was woken up out of an alcohol induced coma when he was introduced to the news. Will you remember the man as the man from back in the day, when he was a lovable child singing “ABC” in the Jacson five? Or maybe you will remember him as the awesome moonwalking maniac getting down to his hit “Thriller”. Or maybe you are the person to remember him as the race-changing child-molesting deviant that he came out to be. No matter, it is safe to say that MJ was the king of pop, revolutionized dance moves and was still able to entertain a croud of thousands. As he was ready for his comeback tour to revitalize his career, MJ took his last stage dive and passed away weeks before his first tour date. However, he is still making tons of money off his music and selling countless records and dvds. We salute you MJ, for changing the music scene one dance step at a time.

Jeff and Jeremy were on a golf course when they heard the breaking news of the year. Where were you? Just let us know in the Comments section above.

The Jackson 5

MJ in the 80’s

The color change, and maybe a nose job or two…

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