The Los Angeles Times  is reporting that USC football will receive a two-year postseason ban along with the loss of athletic scholarships. The investigation, which has spanned four years centered on allegations against Reggie Bush and former basketball player OJ Mayo.

What do you think of Pete Carroll now that USC will probably be the worst team in the Pac-10 for the next decade answer HERE!

Of course the Alumni of the USC Wal-Mart campus will be standing by their Man

Some very interesting scenarios will rise from the ashes in today’s sanctions. All of which are yet to be seen…. Will the men of Troy be bowl ready in 2013? How much revenue will the school lose as a result? Will Reggie Bush be seen as a hero or a goat at all those homecomings? Will Snoop Dogg now be a UCLA fan? Will people forget that Will Ferrell went to school there? Will there cheerleaders get ugly? If Pete Carroll had decided to stay, would he have kept his job? 

I guess you CANT take the school out of the hood DOGG!

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Listen up and get some information about what locals feel about the USC sanctions

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