So today marked the return of The Jeff and Jeremy Trio. It kind of took on the personality of Nirvana when Pat Smear came out of nowhere to join the band. Steve Kragenbrink from the Woods Humane society filled in on vocals with the Recorder. Rory wanted to point out that the recorder actually took on the same pitch as Steven Tyler. Watch the video below and you decide.  

An impromptu jam session came about during the commercial break and actually sounded pretty damn good.

Be listening monday morning for your chance to score ticket to see the Red Rocker before you can buy the tickets. SAMMY HAGAR IS COMING TO THE CALIFORNIA MID STATE FAIR!!! 

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  1. Rory looks close enough like Sammy that I’d ride HIS saddle !!

    CENTRAL COAST REDHEADS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was on my way to Yosemite on Friday and missed this segment. But it is worth seeing it on video as your musical talents are out shadowed by my fear that Jeremy’s enthusiasm would break his chair!