Congratulations to Jackie who just won tickets to see Sammy Hagar at the County Fair just for having an opinion! However, this lady was like the back of Sammy Hagar’s trading card; She knew everything about him. She also voiced her opinion about our new intern who looks somewhat similar to the Red Rocker. She wouldn’t mind “riding his saddle.”

The votes were tallied…and Jackie wins by a longshot!. Listen up to see why

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  1. This whole flying with fatties thing is real simple. Yes if they crowd another seat they should have to pay for it( I have to buy another seat for my son who weighs 32 pounds). And absolutely if their inability to maintain their own health could effect the safety of other passengers this should be remedied even if they have to be put in the very back of the plane so more agile passengers get a chance to get out first. After all a healthy survivor has a better chance at living than an extremeley obese person does. Women, children and non-obese first!!!

  2. Pauly shore is the man. He is hilarious. Great actor i love his movies i wish he made more. Very original and one of a kind actor. His trademark hair style is perfect for all his movies. Its GROOOOOOVVYY just like his movie “Son in Law”!!!!!

  3. you talk alot about nothing

  4. if people are large (fat) then they should have a section for those types w/ special chairs for them. or have thoses pleople should buy two seats plane,train,bus.but we live in freedom of speech, we all want too be treated all fairness.

  5. After a weekend of graduations and countless speeches about “following your dreams”, I can’t help but think about how Sammy Hagar has done just that. Boxing was his father’s dream, but this small-town boy found rock’n roll and made that HIS dream. Through the earliest years with Montrose, going solo, HSAS, Van Halen, the Wabos and now Chickenfoot, he has never lost sight of his dreams. Even when people called him crazy for believing in a little town called Cabo and making a great tequila, he persevered. Now, just look at how all of this has come to fruition – selling millions of records, building the Cabo Wabo empire,selling 80% of CWT for $80 million, starting his own restaurant chain “Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill” that donates to charity,still selling out shows with the Wabos and Chickenfoot doing what he loves most – delivering pure,honest, fun rock n roll. Sounds to me “Thats What DREAMS Are Made Of”…….

  6. I’m all for Sammy coming to the Fair as long as he brings the ladies and some Cabo Wabo!

  7. As much as I hate to say it Jackie above should win the tickets today. While I can’t drive 55 and I do think I am the biggest redhead on the central coast , she pretty well said it all. And yes you two do ramble on A LOT about nothing..kind of like a repeat of a Jerry Sienfeld eppisode.

  8. I feel really bad for Chuck Lidel. He should have hung it up when he was on top. I wonder how if him & Parkinson went out & got hammered in Canada after the fight.

  9. Smokin fatties???….oh fatties on planes…no bueno…should have 2 strap them in the cargo area! You guys rock!

  10. You guys did a great interview with Paul Shore. You asked him some great questions which he answered freely and with humor. It was great the way he answered questions about who he smoked with and his opinion about if smoking makes you more attentive when driving.

  11. I like the Flying Fattys thing because im skinny. And shouldnt have to pay as much as someone 4 times my size. With 4 times as much luggage.

  12. well okay…..I won’t be a sore loser. I hope you have more tickets to give away because I sure could use them….it’s been a tough year financially. Looking forward to having my comments slammed again.