Apparently this little hot thang is a little apprehensive about playing Will It Stick to the Rock Girl.  SOOOOO, what we need from you guys is a suggestion for the talented Terra. What should she do in place of Will it Stick? Let us know in the comments section of this post or Facebook us


We really didn’t expect this when going to the fair for Aerosmith last night. 

Greg Brady himself stops by Jeff and Jeremy before heading to the show.

You have to check out his new movie Trailer… this is really good special effects.


We are men. We drink, we fight, we work, we do it all over again.

Need we say more? Where’s the Unicorn?

Silly. Fabulous. Adorable. All these adjectives when heard from the mouth of a man can make one think, “This guy lives an alternative lifestyle.” These words, along with others should never be heard from  a person who calls themself a man. Some others that came up were smoothie, cute, tummy, and Mandarin Vodka and Redbull with a sprtiz of 7-Up, which Jeremy so cleverly renamed the Screwdriver on Acid, to save his masculinity. Please feel free to comment below with words that men should never say. So just remember, next time you go out to town, just order a “screwdriver on acid”, but don’t start acting too silly or drink too much, you might get a tummyache. But it’s ok, you’ll have a fabulous night and all the guys will think you are adorable with your crimson sweater vest that you picked up from Banana Republic.

Jeff says he gets “tummyaches” to gain sympathy from his fiance, which is questionable. Also, a lady chimes in to give her opinion on “Unmanly Phrases.”

Rory cam across a facebook website that posts the “Unmanly Word of the Day.” If you’re concerned that one of your favorite words might be unmanly, take a look at the site and see if they think so.

Click here to check out the unmanly word of the day.


So Jeremy tries to convince Jeff that a Mandarin Vodka Redbull with a spritz of 7-Up is a tasty, totally straight cocktail to order at a bar. Jeff would rather carry his fiance’s purse than being caught ordering this “fruity” drink. In the end, to look like a man at a bar just stick to the basics, a beer and whiskey. You cannot go wrong with either one. Now girly-drinks.com has come out with a top ten Unmanliest Drinks in the world. Granted the Mandarin Vodka and Redbull did not make this list, so maybe Jeremy isn’t as much as a girly man as Jeff believes. But check out the list and see if you agree. Funny little side note is “water” is on the list. If you go out to bar men, it is uncool to drink water. Be a man and grab a Bud Light! Also, some people we know will go out to the bars and order 2 long island iced teas and be done for the night. If you didn’t know, a long island iced tea has a shot of vodka, rum, tequila, gin and triple sec in it. Basically these things get you loaded. However, it is a super sweet drink that looks like a girlie cocktail. What we want to know is if a long island iced tea is manly enough to order. Please answer the poll at the bottom.

1. Wine Spritzer
2. Apple-tini
3. Blow Job Shot
4. Vodka w/ Cranberry
5. Mike’s Hard Anything
6. Water
7. Michelob Ultra
8. Anything with Diet Coke
9. Zima w/ Jolly Rancher
10. Cosmopolitan

Click here to see why girly-drink.com believes that a man should never get caught with any of these drinks at the bar.

Jeremy thinks a Manarin Vodka Redbull is a tasty drink, while Jeff would rather be caught with his fiance’s purse than having to order such a “fruity” drink.


Here’s video of the Whale that destroyed the boat in South Africa… The Disturbing part of this video is that the members aboard the boat who were shooting it can be heard saying things like “They Don’t listen” AS THEY ARE DRIVING AWAY!

Just proving a long tested theory here at J&J that the French are assholes!


Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai was a contestant on Britian’s Got Talent. She is suing Simon Cowell for 3.8 million dollars claiming that he expoited, humiliated and degraded her when he rejected her as a viable candidate for the title of champion. You be the judge Below.

Here is Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai’s performance of the song “You Lift Me Up”

Here is Simon’s Critique

Could you Imagine the Precedent that this would set if the Judge rules for the shitty singer. Cowell could lose his entire fortune because all the William Hung’s of the world would be lining up to get a piece of that fortune. Let us know what you think by answering our poll question.



San Luis Obispo police have handed out pamphlets to business owners on how to deal with Panhandlers and it details the laws that deal with what bums can and cannot do.

We want to know what you think about the Homeless Sitch in SLO. Let us know here.


Sorry Quinnipiac Ladies, But Cheerleading Isn’t a Sport, FOR REAL

Back in the day Jeff, Jeremy and Lindsay would get into heated arguments about whether cheerleading was actually a sport or not. Well U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill made the clear cut decision that cheerleading “still too underdeveloped and disorganized to be treated as offering genuine varsity athletic participation opportunities for students.” So under Title IX, cheerleading cannot be sanctioned as a real sport and cannot be used to keep in compliance with the rules. All this controversy started when Quinnipiac University announced in March 2009 that it would eliminate their volleyball team for budgetary reasons and replace it with a competitive cheer squad. The Cheer Squad would be used as another women’s sports team to keep under compliance with Title IX. Well the volleyball team was not too happy about that and filed a law suit. And guess what? They obviously won and cheerleading has been denounced as a sport. But what a horrible plan to cut the volleyball squad for cheerleading. Besides, volleyball chicks are way hotter, running around in spandex all in shape and such. Score 1 for Jeff and Jeremy. Sorry Lindsay, maybe someday they’ll reconsider the whole thing. But Keep fighting!

To read more about this court decision click here.

Jeff and Jeremy break the devastating news to Lindsay, who will defend cheerleading to her grave!

Even soccer player can do it! Click here to see a funny dance routine by a soccer player who decided to join in with the squad.


It has been reported that Lindsay’s Mom and little Sister were seen leaving the Jail Lindsay Lohan is in. This would be all good if yesterday were Saturday or Sunday, since the jail only allows visitors on weekends.  Read more about it here. 

And to compact to that, Lindsay Lohan fans can buy her goodies while she is in the pen.

Check out the really hot artist court room pictures after Lindsay was arrested by clicking here!

What does all this mean??? Nothing Really… Except Rory felt compelled to come up with this awesome poll!