So Jeremy tries to convince Jeff that a Mandarin Vodka Redbull with a spritz of 7-Up is a tasty, totally straight cocktail to order at a bar. Jeff would rather carry his fiance’s purse than being caught ordering this “fruity” drink. In the end, to look like a man at a bar just stick to the basics, a beer and whiskey. You cannot go wrong with either one. Now girly-drinks.com has come out with a top ten Unmanliest Drinks in the world. Granted the Mandarin Vodka and Redbull did not make this list, so maybe Jeremy isn’t as much as a girly man as Jeff believes. But check out the list and see if you agree. Funny little side note is “water” is on the list. If you go out to bar men, it is uncool to drink water. Be a man and grab a Bud Light! Also, some people we know will go out to the bars and order 2 long island iced teas and be done for the night. If you didn’t know, a long island iced tea has a shot of vodka, rum, tequila, gin and triple sec in it. Basically these things get you loaded. However, it is a super sweet drink that looks like a girlie cocktail. What we want to know is if a long island iced tea is manly enough to order. Please answer the poll at the bottom.

1. Wine Spritzer
2. Apple-tini
3. Blow Job Shot
4. Vodka w/ Cranberry
5. Mike’s Hard Anything
6. Water
7. Michelob Ultra
8. Anything with Diet Coke
9. Zima w/ Jolly Rancher
10. Cosmopolitan

Click here to see why girly-drink.com believes that a man should never get caught with any of these drinks at the bar.

Jeremy thinks a Manarin Vodka Redbull is a tasty drink, while Jeff would rather be caught with his fiance’s purse than having to order such a “fruity” drink.

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