Aparently names like Ernest, Samuel, and Duetschendorf Jr. just aren’t backwoods enough for our friends in Nashville. On the Left their real name… on the Right their manufactured as much as their music fake name.

Listen to some of the bumpkins and find out what their real damn names are goshdarnit.

Eilleen Regina Edwards . . . SHANIA TWAIN

Samuel Smith . . . TIM MCGRAW

Audrey Perry . . . FAITH HILL

Christina Ciminella . . . WYNONNA JUDD

Leonard Franklin Slye . . . ROY ROGERS

Harold Lloyd Jenkins . . . CONWAY TWITTY

Gary Herzberg . . . GARY ALLAN

Toby Covel . . . TOBY KEITH

Troyal Brooks . . . GARTH BROOKS 

Randy Traywick . . . RANDY TRAVIS

Gary Wayne Vernon Jr. . . GARY LEVOX of RASCAL FLATTS

Ernest Walker . . . CLAY WALKER

Jimmy Barber . . . JIMMY WAYNE

Margaret Rimes . . . LEANN RIMES

Thomas Bryan . . . LUKE BRYAN

John Henry Deutschendorf Jr. . . JOHN DENVER

Find out what your fake as hell country name would be right here




When people fall in love and decide they want to get married, happiness and joy ensues and the two people become each others “till death due they part”…..or a legal divorce destroys both of their lives. But no matter, during the planning part of the great celebration everyone is happy, but stressed just a little bit. A ton of work goes into the ceremony, and some things, if not everything can go to hell. Maybe it’s an unexpected guess. Maybe it’s a drunk best man that had too many cocktails and tries to give a speech. But in the end, the two are joined together with promises of love, and memories of a great, or horrific day. Please comment on some things that happened in your wedding or a wedding you’ve been to that went wrong, or you found to be funny, such as a drunken toast.

Jeff has some complications in his seating arrangements with a pastor, his long lost father, and other screwy problems….with Cat Stevens?