We knew this would happen. This is exactly why we love the Central Coast’s passion for Rock. People will get upset if their friends band doesn’t win the Opening Slot for Aerosmith.

We always listen to what you have to say so after about five seconds of consideration after reading Stephanie’s words of concern we have decided to only play the leader’s song if there is a lead change! So if you wan’t your favorite band to open for Aerosmith by all means go here and vote for them!

For those of you who have a tough time with reading comprehension you can hear our explanation for it here

Remember music is nothing worth getting in a fight over. So some of you more aggressive bands and groupies please play nice… and let the voters decide… without threatening¬†:)

has the voting process turned this contest into a mere “popularity contest?” listen up and find out what listeners have to say about it

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  1. I think your caller was joking but no band member of PK has a father that is a doctor. I got a giggle out of it.