Today is the day that Ms. Lindsay Lohan starts her 90 day sentence in isolation in a women’s jail in a suburb of Lynwood. Lohan was prosucted with charges of drugs, not attending rehabilitation courses, and missing a court date in May. 

Here Jeff and Jeremy break down the Paparazzi’s role in the whole ordeal David Caruso style

However, Lohan will probably serve about a quarter of her sentence or less, according to ABC news. The particular facility Lohan will be locked up in has hosted several female celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Michelle Rodriguez, Khloe Kardashian and very briefly, Lohan. Sheriff’s officials have said Lohan would be placed in an isolation cell at the jail, where she will spend most of her time and take her meals.

Now with the details out of the way, do you believe Lindsay Lohan deserves any special treatment during her stay in a penetentary due to her fame and celebrity status? Or should she have to suffer the consequences of everyone else who is locked away for the same reckless behavior? Please click here to answer our poll question of the day dealing with this situation.

Here are Lindsay’s last moments of freedom!

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