This picture got Mel Gibson’s good side

Everyone knows about the rants that make Mel Gibson famous. In fact, we’re sure he’s more famous for his outlandish staments, hatred, bigotry and racial comments towards the Jewish faith. But now there’s more. Mel Mel’s baby’s mother, Oksana, recorded a quite disturbing phone call she got from her “man” when he was pissed off about not getting “pleasured” before going in the jacuzzi. He yells, calls her hatful names and doing all this while trying to claim that all he has been was nice to her. Doesn’t seem like a likely story. And this is the guy who produced Passion of the Christ and claims he is a holy man. This is definitely not a holy moment for this man, let alone his life. I said take it down a notch when he went off on the jews, but now threatening to burn the house down because he didn’t get a little action from his girlfriend before hanging out in his one million dollar jacuzzi? Just go disappear Mel.

Please listen to Mel’s latest “award winning performance.” It’s Hilarious!

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