Miss Etiquette, A Lady that knows Hospitality

When Jeff went to one of his more likeable diners, he came across impecable service to where he felt that a good “Thank You” to the server was neccesary. What was the server’s reply? “No Problem.” Now a lot of people have conformed to using this response when being thanked. However, was this really the place to be using that kind of lingo; at a diner where hospitality and respect is always #1? We had people chime in, and some said that no, a “you’re welcome” was definitely in order. Others said that the server should’ve thanked you since you are spending money at their resturant. Now Miss Etiquette had other things to say about it. First she says that “No Problem” should be taken out of the English Vocabulary. She also goes on to say that the resturant should hire an etiqutte trainer, so this would not happen again. This is also the lady that corrects people and makes them call her “lady” instead of refering to her group as “you guys.” Truely a lady of class.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think. When someone says thank you to you, what is your response? Is it a “You’re Welcome?” Or do you respond with the deemed empty minded response “No Problem?” Click here to answer the poll question, please.

Also, you can click here to check out Miss Etiquette’s website to get information and tips on how to be a more hospitable person.

Listen to what people calling in and Ms. Etiquette think about the response, “No Problem”

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