Avid Adventurer, Norman Ollestad

Crazy For the Storm, Ollestad’s memoir on his epic adventure to survive


So we got a chance to have a conversation on the show with a man by the  name of Norman Ollestad. The son of an avid adventurer, Norman proved to be somewhat of a thrill seeker himself, riding his first wave at the age of 1, and winning the Southern California Slalom Skiing Championship at age 11. However, later that year, while Norman was still only 11, the plane  his father, his father’s girlfriend and Norman was on crashed into Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains. Norman’s father perished on impact and his girlfriend was soon to follow. Suspended at over 8,000 feet and engulfed in a blizzard, Norman descended the icy mountain alone. He hiked for a total of 9 hours down the mountain. Putting his father’s  lessons to work, Norman defied the elements and made it through alive and was the sole survivor of the crash. Crazy For The Storm: A Memoir of Survival is Norman Ollestad’s 2009 bestselling book. It’s a memoir about survival and adventure, as told from the point of view of Norman as an 11-year-old boy growing up in Topanga Beach, CA. Check it out, it is proven to be a good read and a riveting story about a boy’s will to survive.

The discussion with the plane crash survivor and creative writer, Norman Ollestad

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