Aparently names like Ernest, Samuel, and Duetschendorf Jr. just aren’t backwoods enough for our friends in Nashville. On the Left their real name… on the Right their manufactured as much as their music fake name.

Listen to some of the bumpkins and find out what their real damn names are goshdarnit.

Eilleen Regina Edwards . . . SHANIA TWAIN

Samuel Smith . . . TIM MCGRAW

Audrey Perry . . . FAITH HILL

Christina Ciminella . . . WYNONNA JUDD

Leonard Franklin Slye . . . ROY ROGERS

Harold Lloyd Jenkins . . . CONWAY TWITTY

Gary Herzberg . . . GARY ALLAN

Toby Covel . . . TOBY KEITH

Troyal Brooks . . . GARTH BROOKS 

Randy Traywick . . . RANDY TRAVIS

Gary Wayne Vernon Jr. . . GARY LEVOX of RASCAL FLATTS

Ernest Walker . . . CLAY WALKER

Jimmy Barber . . . JIMMY WAYNE

Margaret Rimes . . . LEANN RIMES

Thomas Bryan . . . LUKE BRYAN

John Henry Deutschendorf Jr. . . JOHN DENVER

Find out what your fake as hell country name would be right here




When people fall in love and decide they want to get married, happiness and joy ensues and the two people become each others “till death due they part”…..or a legal divorce destroys both of their lives. But no matter, during the planning part of the great celebration everyone is happy, but stressed just a little bit. A ton of work goes into the ceremony, and some things, if not everything can go to hell. Maybe it’s an unexpected guess. Maybe it’s a drunk best man that had too many cocktails and tries to give a speech. But in the end, the two are joined together with promises of love, and memories of a great, or horrific day. Please comment on some things that happened in your wedding or a wedding you’ve been to that went wrong, or you found to be funny, such as a drunken toast.

Jeff has some complications in his seating arrangements with a pastor, his long lost father, and other screwy problems….with Cat Stevens?


Today is the day that Ms. Lindsay Lohan starts her 90 day sentence in isolation in a women’s jail in a suburb of Lynwood. Lohan was prosucted with charges of drugs, not attending rehabilitation courses, and missing a court date in May. 

Here Jeff and Jeremy break down the Paparazzi’s role in the whole ordeal David Caruso style

However, Lohan will probably serve about a quarter of her sentence or less, according to ABC news. The particular facility Lohan will be locked up in has hosted several female celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Michelle Rodriguez, Khloe Kardashian and very briefly, Lohan. Sheriff’s officials have said Lohan would be placed in an isolation cell at the jail, where she will spend most of her time and take her meals.

Now with the details out of the way, do you believe Lindsay Lohan deserves any special treatment during her stay in a penetentary due to her fame and celebrity status? Or should she have to suffer the consequences of everyone else who is locked away for the same reckless behavior? Please click here to answer our poll question of the day dealing with this situation.

Here are Lindsay’s last moments of freedom!


If you were contemplating going to the Sammy Hagar show on Saturday, but just weren’t sure because you don’t know what songs he would be playing. Here is a setlist from last weeks show in Lansing Michigan…



Mike and Mary battle it out in a cleverly designed game by Jeff and Jeremy to win Sammy Hagar tickets. Mary was able to come out on top by a long shot knowing more than enough songs on the Setlist.


This is gonna hurt me alot more than it hurts you!

 Check out the Handprint on Jeremy’s Tit!  He wasn’t getting felt up ultra aggressively. He felt the wrath of Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s Billy Blades. If you think wrestling is fake then we encourage you to check out the event this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!  



This picture got Mel Gibson’s good side

Everyone knows about the rants that make Mel Gibson famous. In fact, we’re sure he’s more famous for his outlandish staments, hatred, bigotry and racial comments towards the Jewish faith. But now there’s more. Mel Mel’s baby’s mother, Oksana, recorded a quite disturbing phone call she got from her “man” when he was pissed off about not getting “pleasured” before going in the jacuzzi. He yells, calls her hatful names and doing all this while trying to claim that all he has been was nice to her. Doesn’t seem like a likely story. And this is the guy who produced Passion of the Christ and claims he is a holy man. This is definitely not a holy moment for this man, let alone his life. I said take it down a notch when he went off on the jews, but now threatening to burn the house down because he didn’t get a little action from his girlfriend before hanging out in his one million dollar jacuzzi? Just go disappear Mel.

Please listen to Mel’s latest “award winning performance.” It’s Hilarious!


We knew this would happen. This is exactly why we love the Central Coast’s passion for Rock. People will get upset if their friends band doesn’t win the Opening Slot for Aerosmith.

We always listen to what you have to say so after about five seconds of consideration after reading Stephanie’s words of concern we have decided to only play the leader’s song if there is a lead change! So if you wan’t your favorite band to open for Aerosmith by all means go here and vote for them!

For those of you who have a tough time with reading comprehension you can hear our explanation for it here

Remember music is nothing worth getting in a fight over. So some of you more aggressive bands and groupies please play nice… and let the voters decide… without threatening :)

has the voting process turned this contest into a mere “popularity contest?” listen up and find out what listeners have to say about it


Guyism.com came out with a top 5 groundbreaking album list that heated up discussion on the talk show this morning. Now what guyism.com claims is that these albums were basically the first of their kind, and that no other album before these sounded like them. They were basically a path for future bands to follow, or at least try to. According to Guyism.com, these are the top 5 groundbreaking albums of all time:

5. “Raw Power” – The Stooges

4. “Born to Run” – Bruce Springsteen

3. “Rage Against the Machine” – Rage Against the Machine

2. “Nevermind” – Nirvana

and the most groundbreaking album of all time is……

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – The Beatles

Some others that came up on the show were Master of Puppets by Metallica, The Clash, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Sublime – “40oz. to Freedom” which started the California Reggae/Punk scene and The Beastie Boys – “Liscence to Ill”. Listen to what else viewer had to say and feel free to use the comment section to get your opinion out there!

Also, you can click here to check out the guyism website to see what else they had to say about these albums, and to also browse on manly topics such as music, sports and hot ladies.


Miss Etiquette, A Lady that knows Hospitality

When Jeff went to one of his more likeable diners, he came across impecable service to where he felt that a good “Thank You” to the server was neccesary. What was the server’s reply? “No Problem.” Now a lot of people have conformed to using this response when being thanked. However, was this really the place to be using that kind of lingo; at a diner where hospitality and respect is always #1? We had people chime in, and some said that no, a “you’re welcome” was definitely in order. Others said that the server should’ve thanked you since you are spending money at their resturant. Now Miss Etiquette had other things to say about it. First she says that “No Problem” should be taken out of the English Vocabulary. She also goes on to say that the resturant should hire an etiqutte trainer, so this would not happen again. This is also the lady that corrects people and makes them call her “lady” instead of refering to her group as “you guys.” Truely a lady of class.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think. When someone says thank you to you, what is your response? Is it a “You’re Welcome?” Or do you respond with the deemed empty minded response “No Problem?” Click here to answer the poll question, please.

Also, you can click here to check out Miss Etiquette’s website to get information and tips on how to be a more hospitable person.

Listen to what people calling in and Ms. Etiquette think about the response, “No Problem”


When Chuck Norris plays Monopoly, it affects the actual world economy

The voice for all females around the world, Mrs. Oprah Winfery Herself

So we know that every lady in the area listens and complies with every word that Oprah Winfrey has to say.  From reccomended books to recipes for a casual lunch. And as men we can all agree it gets quite annoying. However, does there exist a male equivalent of Oprah? Basically, is there a male icon that all men not only look up to, but idolize and react to every word said by this person. Our guess is Chuck Norris. No one messes with him! EVER! Also, please feel free to comment on who you think is the male equivalent of Oprah Winfrey.

Listen to what people have to suggest about who is the the man’s Oprah