When people fall in love and decide they want to get married, happiness and joy ensues and the two people become each others “till death due they part”…..or a legal divorce destroys both of their lives. But no matter, during the planning part of the great celebration everyone is happy, but stressed just a little bit. A ton of work goes into the ceremony, and some things, if not everything can go to hell. Maybe it’s an unexpected guess. Maybe it’s a drunk best man that had too many cocktails and tries to give a speech. But in the end, the two are joined together with promises of love, and memories of a great, or horrific day. Please comment on some things that happened in your wedding or a wedding you’ve been to that went wrong, or you found to be funny, such as a drunken toast.

Jeff has some complications in his seating arrangements with a pastor, his long lost father, and other screwy problems….with Cat Stevens?

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