We are men. We drink, we fight, we work, we do it all over again.

Need we say more? Where’s the Unicorn?

Silly. Fabulous. Adorable. All these adjectives when heard from the mouth of a man can make one think, “This guy lives an alternative lifestyle.” These words, along with others should never be heard fromĀ  a person who calls themself a man. Some others that came up were smoothie, cute, tummy, and Mandarin Vodka and Redbull with a sprtiz of 7-Up, which Jeremy so cleverly renamed the Screwdriver on Acid, to save his masculinity. Please feel free to comment below with words that men should never say. So just remember, next time you go out to town, just order a “screwdriver on acid”, but don’t start acting too silly or drink too much, you might get a tummyache. But it’s ok, you’ll have a fabulous night and all the guys will think you are adorable with your crimson sweater vest that you picked up from Banana Republic.

Jeff says he gets “tummyaches” to gain sympathy from his fiance, which is questionable. Also, a lady chimes in to give her opinion on “Unmanly Phrases.”

Rory cam across a facebook website that posts the “Unmanly Word of the Day.” If you’re concerned that one of your favorite words might be unmanly, take a look at the site and see if they think so.

Click here to check out the unmanly word of the day.

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