To Kick it all off we are throwing in the one thing you need to build up your tailgating arsenal.


You can pick you’re favorite team or get it customized find out more info by clicking on the link below.

We caught up with the creator of Tailgatingideas.com, Dave Lamm, and he told us how he gets prepared for Football season and explains in depth how you can personalize your own Taligate BBQ.



It’s legal for dudes to walk around without a shirt on. Why not for the ladies?

National Topless day is hitting the Nation on Sunday, August 22! In 9 different major cities, there will be ladies walking around completely topless in a very peaceful, and sexy, protest for women’s rights to be bare chested in public places in the way that men can. This phenomenon is hitting the major cities of San Fancisco (of course), Miami Beach, New York City, Venice Beach, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Oahu, and Denver. So if you want to see a bunch of bare breasted women, I would suggest high tailing it to one of these cities and enjoy a beautiful day of partial nudity. Hopefully it’s more than dirty hippie chicks and older ladies where gravity has taken its toll. But no matter, it should be a grand time. I say let’s try to get our little SLO town in on it and get all the sorority chicks to celebrate in good fashion!

To check out more on this event, as well as the reasons and mission stement of these free willed ladies, click here. Can’t forget to mention there is a wonderful picture of a beautiful topless woman on this website, so check it out!

Jeff and Jeremy discuss with callers the obivous benefits and maybe some side effects to this awesome celebration

Nadine Gary, one of the main producers of gotopless.org joins us on the show to talk about this liberating movement of chicks being able to walk around topless!


What If Cal Poly could just the WAC? That would be a huge step for our little town’s College.

So apparently the WAC lost two major teams in their conference, Fresno State and Nevada. They are now going to the Mountain West Conference. Now the WAC has only five teams in the conference, which is not acceptable. They definitely need to find some more teams to come aboard to WAC a conference. So far they have looked at bringing Texas State and San Antonio over. But just think about it. What if Cal Poly was able to squeeze its way into the WAC? That would be huge for this little town. We would be in a major conference and be able to play with the big leagues. Hey, maybe we can even bring UC Davis along for the ride.

Jeff and Jeremy daydream about Cal Poly being able to switch over into the WAC to keep it a conference.


Jeff’s Wife thought it would be a good idea to put these cards out for people to leave their well wishes at their wedding!

The problem is half of the people they invited are very immature

…and not very classy

But very funny!


Jessica and Rachel of Fairfax, Va were a little short on cash one month and couldn’t pay their rent. So what was their soluiton. Only the most classy solution that two good looking ladies can come up with….offer sex for payment to their married landlord. Of course the landlord agreed to this payment offer. However, these girls had a little trick up their sleeve. They had the landlord strip down, and one of the girls got on top of him. The other girl, being a sly little fox, then runs in and grabs the landlords clothing. They proceed to leave the room and tell the landlord that they taped the whole thing, and dmenaded $500 and a free-bee from the months rent, otherwise they’d show the tape to his wife. Well the landlord didn’t take this too well, and didn’t hesitate to call the cops on these tricksters for extortion. The two ladies are now on trial for 10 years in prison for extortion. Serves those Golddiggers right.

Now it’s your turn! Please comment in the comment section if you have ever paid rent with anything but money! Have you ever given your landlord something besides cash to pay rent?

These ladies are on trial for what i call Sextortion. Who knows how the landlords marital status is after this one. Let’s see what Jeff and Jeremy think.


Leave it to the Chinese to come up with timed, spike-loaded benches

China has recently come up with a new solution to their homeless problems. Apparently park officials were sick of people just sitting around on their benches for hours at a time. So what’s their solution to this? They started installing benches that have coin-operated timers. And guess what happens when time runs out. Sharp Spikes shoot up out of the seat! That’ll definitely get someone up and out of the seat. However, apparently the spikes do not cause any serious harm, but are sharp enough so you cannot sit on them comfortably. This is a very interesting solution regarding this problem. We should start installing these in California. Think about it, people have to rent spots downtown for farmers market every week. Isn’t it just fair that people have to pay for their seat if they are making money playing music and sitting on downtown property? We’re just saying maybe this isn’t the worst idea. However what would make this a little more interesting is instead of using spikes, just make a spring loaded seat that shoots a person off the bench when time runs out. Maybe a little more dangerous, but funny nonetheless. Personally, I’d rather get shot off the bench and have a little ride instead of getting poked in the @$$.

To check out the story, click here.

Jeff believes downtown San Luis Obispo can benefit from these new contraptions of a park bench, while Jeremy and Rory think it would be better to watch people fly off spring loaded benches instead.


Tila Claims she was assaulted at the Juggalos concert! But Scroll Down to see the video for yourself! 

One idea comes to our minds when a guy says that they are a fan of the Insane Clown Posse, and that is who the hell is going to lay you? I mean you can probably get some gnarly chick at the show, but seriously who is going to sleep with a dude that wen to that show? Basically there are just some concerts that one cannot go to if they expected to get some action in their life. Another quick one off the head might be Kenny G. I don’t know but going to that show just screams I like beiong a virgin. But we may be wrong about this. Maybe it’s the guys who go to these shows that get all the ladies. I mean, how many good looking chicks are going to be at a Kenny G. show, or a Maroon 5 concert? But anyway, in the end we deducted that it’s the country shows that a man needs to go to in order to get with a good looking female. Every girl that loves copuntry wears those little cut off jean hot pants, usually have long blonde hair and are hot as hell. There’s were you need to go fellas. Just skip the Primus concert (even though Les Claypool can rock a show) if you are looking for some luck.

Jeremy will never get lucky going to a Huey Lewis concert…but that’s acceptable since he’s MARRIED!

Tom Green taking one for the team for Tila Tequila!


Click on the picture to see the reactions of other Golf Pros on twitter about the controversial call.

Going into the final hole, Dustin Johnson had a 1 shot lead over the field. He hit a wayward tee shot to the right into the gallery. As he approached his ball, the throng of people separated so he could hit. The area around the ball can only be described as a dirt patch. Spectators had been standing on it for 4 straight days. Johnson hit and somehow salvaged bogey to force a playoff. But that’s when the fireworks took place. The PGA ruled that Johnson grounded his club in a bunker. Johnson didn’t dispute grounding the club, however, he certainly disputed whether or not it was a bunker. Apparently though, the PGA had informed players before the tournament started that waste bunkers were all over the course and they should treat everything as such. Johnson was penalized two stroks and he lost his chance for a playoff round.

Jeff and Jeremy get into a heated argument that spans into their own golf experience


We all know that there is an ongoing controversy in MLB with umpires and bad calls. A lot of fans, baseball enthusiasts, as well as players, coaches and even some umpires believe that a replay rule should be enforced to make the game much more accurate and take of some  of the heat the umpires go through. Others believe that replay should stay out of the game and the human error is just a part it. Umpire Doug Harvey even goes on to say “If you’re going to do that, why don’t we just get robots and let them play the game? If you don’t need umpires out there, and you can put robots out there, then why do we need ballplayers?”

Well ESPN just conducted a study to see how many missed calls are in a game of baseball. They looked at replays of 184 total games. The “Outside the Lines” analysis found that an average of 1.3 calls per game were close enough to require replay review to determine whether an umpire had made the right call. Of the close plays, 13.9 percent remained too close to call, with 65.7 percent confirmed as correct and 20.4 percent confirmed as incorrect. Some see 20% of calls being incorrect is just too high and that there should be an instant replay rule to make the game more accurate. Do you agree? To look at the whole story from ESPN click here.

Now Nate Silver actually posted a counter argument to this whole study. He looked at the statistics a different way. He goes to say that out of 184 games, there were only 47 missed calls, or one blown call every 4 games. Now that sounds like the umpires are doing their jobs very well. So does baseball actually need replay, or are umpires good enough? To read this argument click here.


The bar graph displays on average how many sexual partners men and women at the age of 30 have for 3 different smart phones available with the IPhone coming out on top.

All guys know a few signs of an easy woman. For instance, if a girl has tattoos or piercings, that can be a sign of a chick ready to get down. Maybe the way she dresses, like a really short skirt or high heels, or even better both of those together. Or maybe it’s just an empty tequila bottle in their hand. And you can never forget the old saying “if she smokes she pokes.” Well Guyism has just found a surprising new way to tell if a woman may be a little easier than others. A recent poll suggests that women at an average age of 30 who own an IPhone have around twice as many sexual partners than those who own a droid. Woman who own an IPhone have around 12 sexual partners on average compared to women who own a droid who have 6 partners on average. So remember guys, if you see a lady with an IPhone and her friend with a droid, go for the one with the IPhone.

“That Girl listens to Nickelback, She most own an IPhone.”