Tila Claims she was assaulted at the Juggalos concert! But Scroll Down to see the video for yourself! 

One idea comes to our minds when a guy says that they are a fan of the Insane Clown Posse, and that is who the hell is going to lay you? I mean you can probably get some gnarly chick at the show, but seriously who is going to sleep with a dude that wen to that show? Basically there are just some concerts that one cannot go to if they expected to get some action in their life. Another quick one off the head might be Kenny G. I don’t know but going to that show just screams I like beiong a virgin. But we may be wrong about this. Maybe it’s the guys who go to these shows that get all the ladies. I mean, how many good looking chicks are going to be at a Kenny G. show, or a Maroon 5 concert? But anyway, in the end we deducted that it’s the country shows that a man needs to go to in order to get with a good looking female. Every girl that loves copuntry wears those little cut off jean hot pants, usually have long blonde hair and are hot as hell. There’s were you need to go fellas. Just skip the Primus concert (even though Les Claypool can rock a show) if you are looking for some luck.

Jeremy will never get lucky going to a Huey Lewis concert…but that’s acceptable since he’s MARRIED!

Tom Green taking one for the team for Tila Tequila!