Leave it to the Chinese to come up with timed, spike-loaded benches

China has recently come up with a new solution to their homeless problems. Apparently park officials were sick of people just sitting around on their benches for hours at a time. So what’s their solution to this? They started installing benches that have coin-operated timers. And guess what happens when time runs out. Sharp Spikes shoot up out of the seat! That’ll definitely get someone up and out of the seat. However, apparently the spikes do not cause any serious harm, but are sharp enough so you cannot sit on them comfortably. This is a very interesting solution regarding this problem. We should start installing these in California. Think about it, people have to rent spots downtown for farmers market every week. Isn’t it just fair that people have to pay for their seat if they are making money playing music and sitting on downtown property? We’re just saying maybe this isn’t the worst idea. However what would make this a little more interesting is instead of using spikes, just make a spring loaded seat that shoots a person off the bench when time runs out. Maybe a little more dangerous, but funny nonetheless. Personally, I’d rather get shot off the bench and have a little ride instead of getting poked in the @$$.

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Jeff believes downtown San Luis Obispo can benefit from these new contraptions of a park bench, while Jeremy and Rory think it would be better to watch people fly off spring loaded benches instead.