We all know that there is an ongoing controversy in MLB with umpires and bad calls. A lot of fans, baseball enthusiasts, as well as players, coaches and even some umpires believe that a replay rule should be enforced to make the game much more accurate and take of someĀ  of the heat the umpires go through. Others believe that replay should stay out of the game and the human error is just a part it. Umpire Doug Harvey even goes on to say “If you’re going to do that, why don’t we just get robots and let them play the game? If you don’t need umpires out there, and you can put robots out there, then why do we need ballplayers?”

Well ESPN just conducted a study to see how many missed calls are in a game of baseball. They looked at replays of 184 total games. The “Outside the Lines” analysis found that an average of 1.3 calls per game were close enough to require replay review to determine whether an umpire had made the right call. Of the close plays, 13.9 percent remained too close to call, with 65.7 percent confirmed as correct and 20.4 percent confirmed as incorrect. Some see 20% of calls being incorrect is just too high and that there should be an instant replay rule to make the game more accurate. Do you agree? To look at the whole story from ESPN click here.

Now Nate Silver actually posted a counter argument to this whole study. He looked at the statistics a different way. He goes to say that out of 184 games, there were only 47 missed calls, or one blown call every 4 games. Now that sounds like the umpires are doing their jobs very well. So does baseball actually need replay, or are umpires good enough? To read this argument click here.

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