Jessica and Rachel of Fairfax, Va were a little short on cash one month and couldn’t pay their rent. So what was their soluiton. Only the most classy solution that two good looking ladies can come up with….offer sex for payment to their married landlord. Of course the landlord agreed to this payment offer. However, these girls had a little trick up their sleeve. They had the landlord strip down, and one of the girls got on top of him. The other girl, being a sly little fox, then runs in and grabs the landlords clothing. They proceed to leave the room and tell the landlord that they taped the whole thing, and dmenaded $500 and a free-bee from the months rent, otherwise they’d show the tape to his wife. Well the landlord didn’t take this too well, and didn’t hesitate to call the cops on these tricksters for extortion. The two ladies are now on trial for 10 years in prison for extortion. Serves those Golddiggers right.

Now it’s your turn! Please comment in the comment section if you have ever paid rent with anything but money! Have you ever given your landlord something besides cash to pay rent?

These ladies are on trial for what i call Sextortion. Who knows how the landlords marital status is after this one. Let’s see what Jeff and Jeremy think.

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  1. You imply that this was merely an attempt by two otherwise innocent women to remain in their apartment. This could’ve been the case if it were merely “Sex For rent.” However one reaches the conclusion that it was a premeditated,planned in advance extortion attempt. I have the not so crazy idea, that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t the first time these to females played “CANDID CAMERA.”