The man on top, Spike Lee, says that Reality TV, like Jersey Shore has damaged society as we know it.

Recently Spike Lee commented that reality TV has done damage to our society. Now is this this an accurate statement? Has there really been damage done to us because of the invention of reality tv? First of all, it is definitely a false sense of reality. Since when is it reality to have all expenses paid for to go party onm Jersey Shore for a living and act like a total fool for others entertainment? This is not reality in any way. However, we watch these idiots on cable to see the next exciting predicaments they can get themselves into. But is this really damaging to our society? I guess if you really believe that this is how all people live and try to reinact the stupidity shown on these shows. That’s why it’s entertaining….they’re idiots. But no matter, the media has just found another way to manipulate meat heads into acting like total jackasses for the sake of making money. Maybe that’s the true damage; corruption.

Reality TV maybe corupt, but d@mn it’s entertaining!

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