Ketel One is favored by a lot of Vodka fans, but it lost in the taste test to  a plastic bottle nobody!

Just because it comes in a plastic handle doesn’t mean it’s any more disgusting than other Vodkas. GO VITALI!

Vodka. Some people are fanatics. and some people hate every little part about it. From Popov, worthy of being a bathroom cleaning agent, to Grey Goose, a fine alcohol. Vodka is there to drain your sorrows,  is the life of the party, and ready to part of a mixed drink all at the same time. As the legend goes, Vodka is supposed to be tasteless and is apparently harder than other hard alcohols to detect on someone’s breath. So if this hard stuff is tasteless, is there a difference in taste between a cheap bottle and an expensive one? (This is paradoxal) So we decided to give it a nice little test to see if we could taste a difference between a cheap or more classy vodka. We put up Ketel One against a plastic bottle of Vitali. Guess which one was picked as the favorite. Of course it was the cheap stuff. So Jeff and Jeremy proved that there is no real difference between vodkas, just the price.

Jeff, Jeremy and the intern Rory taste off Ketel One VS. plastic bottle Vitali. And the Results are in!

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