Check out his video from last night’s Phillies/Marlins game…PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS THE BOTTOM OF THE NINTH INNING.

Here is a still of where the ball actually struck the ground…

Maybe we wouldn’t be talking about instant replay like the rest of the internet, IF HE WOULD HAVE LOOKED AT THE F-ING BALL.

This is what dip shit umpire Bob Davidson offered up as an explanation as to why he called the ball fair.

“I was right on top of it and it was wide of the bag, that’s all — I had it foul,” Davidson told a pool reporter after the game. “In my opinion, where it goes over the bag, you can’t tell. After a bounce, it came an inch or two on the fair side, but … it was very close. But I’m right there. I know what I saw.

“I’m very confident I got it right. What the ball did when it went past me is irrelevant. … I understand that’s the winning run, but in my opinion it was foul, and there’s no replay that you can really see what the ball does over the bag — and that’s what’s important. But I know what I saw.”

As long as you know what you saw then the game is all fair and good! IF YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN IT!

Listen to the discussion on how baseball really needs an instant replay rule installed, because the Marlins got screwed out of a winning run. Little league has it, so should the MLB

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