It’s legal for dudes to walk around without a shirt on. Why not for the ladies?

National Topless day is hitting the Nation on Sunday, August 22! In 9 different major cities, there will be ladies walking around completely topless in a very peaceful, and sexy, protest for women’s rights to be bare chested in public places in the way that men can. This phenomenon is hitting the major cities of San Fancisco (of course), Miami Beach, New York City, Venice Beach, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Oahu, and Denver. So if you want to see a bunch of bare breasted women, I would suggest high tailing it to one of these cities and enjoy a beautiful day of partial nudity. Hopefully it’s more than dirty hippie chicks and older ladies where gravity has taken its toll. But no matter, it should be a grand time. I say let’s try to get our little SLO town in on it and get all the sorority chicks to celebrate in good fashion!

To check out more on this event, as well as the reasons and mission stement of these free willed ladies, click here. Can’t forget to mention there is a wonderful picture of a beautiful topless woman on this website, so check it out!

Jeff and Jeremy discuss with callers the obivous benefits and maybe some side effects to this awesome celebration

Nadine Gary, one of the main producers of gotopless.org joins us on the show to talk about this liberating movement of chicks being able to walk around topless!

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