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The guys listening to the stream while live on air. Can the system handle the inense delay effect?

And now for your enjoyment, Justin Bieber getting pelted in the head with a water bottle.


The man on top, Spike Lee, says that Reality TV, like Jersey Shore has damaged society as we know it.

Recently Spike Lee commented that reality TV has done damage to our society. Now is this this an accurate statement? Has there really been damage done to us because of the invention of reality tv? First of all, it is definitely a false sense of reality. Since when is it reality to have all expenses paid for to go party onm Jersey Shore for a living and act like a total fool for others entertainment? This is not reality in any way. However, we watch these idiots on cable to see the next exciting predicaments they can get themselves into. But is this really damaging to our society? I guess if you really believe that this is how all people live and try to reinact the stupidity shown on these shows. That’s why it’s entertaining….they’re idiots. But no matter, the media has just found another way to manipulate meat heads into acting like total jackasses for the sake of making money. Maybe that’s the true damage; corruption.

Reality TV maybe corupt, but d@mn it’s entertaining!


The Patented Tiger Woods Putter Throw

This last weekend was once again a painful experience for the infamous athlete Tiger Woods. At the Bridgestone Invitational, Tiger shot a whopping 18 over par, his worst score in his professional career. This from a guy who had never finished worse than fourth at Firestone in 11 previous events, who had not shot over par on the South Course since 2006, who last year made PGA Tour history by winning for the seventh time on the same course. The numbers associated with Woods always have been staggering, now more than ever. His 298 was 39 shots higher than the record score he shot 10 years ago at Firestone. He tied for 78th, the highest finish of his PGA Tour career. Only Henrik Stenson (20-over 300) kept Woods from finishing dead last. He set a career low by making bogey or worse on 25 of the 72 holes.

This is an unusual event for Tiger since he usually plays very well in this particular tournament. He has taken the title for a total of 7 times with an average score of 11 under par. To hit an 18 over par is just way out of the trend for him. His excuse is that it has been a long year, which is definitely not far from the truth. Will Tiger be able to bounce back from this one?

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Jeff and Jeremy discuss Tiger’s newest struggles on the golf course


Katie Marzullo, crowned last years hottest Central Coast News Anchor

So the 15th of September kicks off the hottest news chick in the Central Coast for 2010-2011. Last years title went to the one and only Katie Marzullo of KCOY. Which good looking News Anchor will be the winner this year and crowned the hottest News Anchor in the Cnetral Coast? Post comments about who you think is the best looking female News Anchor!

Arturo Santiago of KCOY joins us on the show to give his input on the best looking female news anchor.


Check out his video from last night’s Phillies/Marlins game…PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS THE BOTTOM OF THE NINTH INNING.

Here is a still of where the ball actually struck the ground…

Maybe we wouldn’t be talking about instant replay like the rest of the internet, IF HE WOULD HAVE LOOKED AT THE F-ING BALL.

This is what dip shit umpire Bob Davidson offered up as an explanation as to why he called the ball fair.

“I was right on top of it and it was wide of the bag, that’s all — I had it foul,” Davidson told a pool reporter after the game. “In my opinion, where it goes over the bag, you can’t tell. After a bounce, it came an inch or two on the fair side, but … it was very close. But I’m right there. I know what I saw.

“I’m very confident I got it right. What the ball did when it went past me is irrelevant. … I understand that’s the winning run, but in my opinion it was foul, and there’s no replay that you can really see what the ball does over the bag — and that’s what’s important. But I know what I saw.”

As long as you know what you saw then the game is all fair and good! IF YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN IT!

Listen to the discussion on how baseball really needs an instant replay rule installed, because the Marlins got screwed out of a winning run. Little league has it, so should the MLB


Swapping a daily glass of wine for a beer could help you save as many calories as you would by taking a 30-minute jog…

We’ll have more on drinking beer to shed the pounds tomorrow…

you can check out the article now got to…  www.guyism.com




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WEEK 1 PRIZE: The Flabongo  

WEEK 2 PRIZE: The Tailgate Partymate

WEEK 3 PRIZE: The Tailgator Sunshade

WEEK 4 PRIZE: Pub Washers Game









 WEEK 13 PRIZE: One night stay and dinner for two at     

 The Paso Robles Inn

 WEEK 14 PRIZE: YM Sport Grill Grate 

 WEEK 15 PRIZE: Weber Spirit Gas Grill

WEEK 16 PRIZE: Tow Hitch-TV w/ 32 inch Flat Screen TV

 WEEK 17 PRIZE: Disposable Flask and Party Starter







Skin’s on tomorrow and we’ll be talking about Hot vampire chicks, Christina Ricci in the After.Life (new Nudity from her), plus we’ll give away a 30-Days ALL-ACCESS pass to mrskin.com See ya 7:45!


Click on either flyer to be redirected to the homepage, cyclingforwater.com

Brittany App & Garrett Russell will bicycle across this massive continent in the Fall of 2010 to raise awareness of our Global Water Crisis, and to raise funds to provide fresh water to those who need it most. They will follow the Southern Tier – a route established by the Adventure Cycling Association – covering 3,159 miles between San Diego, California and St. Augustine, Florida. They will give themselves three months to complete the journey – averaging 37 miles a day. Brittany, photojournalist extraordinaire, will write, shoot, and blog – daily. She will interview and photograph people along the way who have earned local or regional recognition for inspiring people to care about the planet. After the journey, She will work to have the words and images published as a book.  Garrett, film-maker extraordinaire, will be creating a documentary about the journey. The two will ride to raise awareness about the global water crisis, and to raise money for WaterAid.  Their fundraising goal is $20,000. WaterAid is an incredible international charity that works in Africa and Asia to provide the world’s poorest people with their most basic need: access to safe water and effective sanitation.

There will be two big fund-raising events to help this amazing cause. the first one will be held at Level 4 Restaurant and Lounge. The address is 1216 Park St. in Paso Robles. The event will go from 6pm-10pm on Thursday, August 12. The other event will be held at Native Lounge, 1823 Chorro St. on Thursday August 19 from 7-10:30pm. Both events will have a live auction, a live photo booth, drink specials and live music! It should be a great time! $5 dollar donations to this great cause at the door. Come out, have fun and support this cause.

Brittany joins us on the show and explains the cause she’s cycling for, her route across the US and even the diet needed for the journey


Douche Bags, no one likes them. However, they do have the confidence to pull drunk women.

A study conducted at Rochester University in New York reveals that guys wearing red shirts appear to be more attractive to the ladies. Whether that is actually true is questionable. However, most guys that go out to town usually do something to make them seem more attractive, whether that is wearing nice clothes, putting gel in their hair, wearing cologne, or maybe even just wearing a golf tee behind their ear to make them look more classy. But what really gets the ladies to hang on? Liz, a KZOZ listener, says it doesn’t really matter what the guy looks like, as long as they have confidence and can initiate conversations and actually ask for the lady’s number. That’s why the so-called douchebags with skin tight, striped clothing have all the game. They are douchey enough to go up to girls and act like a total asshole and appear to be confident in their fake tans and ripped bods. Sorry nerds, but in this case either stick to the library where you are considered the social butterfly or get some drinks in you to help bring out your true colors. Another caller, Tracy, says a man has to “have it together.” Basically, she believes a man just needs to have their life in order, a clean car, money, etc. So basically, have a good roll of dough and don’t look like you just got off the streets. That’s all you need! Confidence and money! Now go out and get them ladies!

Tracy has an idea that men just need to have their life together, which triggers a heated argument between Jeff and Jeremy