The bar graph displays on average how many sexual partners men and women at the age of 30 have for 3 different smart phones available with the IPhone coming out on top.

All guys know a few signs of an easy woman. For instance, if a girl has tattoos or piercings, that can be a sign of a chick ready to get down. Maybe the way she dresses, like a really short skirt or high heels, or even better both of those together. Or maybe it’s just an empty tequila bottle in their hand. And you can never forget the old saying “if she smokes she pokes.” Well Guyism has just found a surprising new way to tell if a woman may be a little easier than others. A recent poll suggests that women at an average age of 30 who own an IPhone have around twice as many sexual partners than those who own a droid. Woman who own an IPhone have around 12 sexual partners on average compared to women who own a droid who have 6 partners on average. So remember guys, if you see a lady with an IPhone and her friend with a droid, go for the one with the IPhone.

“That Girl listens to Nickelback, She most own an IPhone.”

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