Douche Bags, no one likes them. However, they do have the confidence to pull drunk women.

A study conducted at Rochester University in New York reveals that guys wearing red shirts appear to be more attractive to the ladies. Whether that is actually true is questionable. However, most guys that go out to town usually do something to make them seem more attractive, whether that is wearing nice clothes, putting gel in their hair, wearing cologne, or maybe even just wearing a golf tee behind their ear to make them look more classy. But what really gets the ladies to hang on? Liz, a KZOZ listener, says it doesn’t really matter what the guy looks like, as long as they have confidence and can initiate conversations and actually ask for the lady’s number. That’s why the so-called douchebags with skin tight, striped clothing have all the game. They are douchey enough to go up to girls and act like a total asshole and appear to be confident in their fake tans and ripped bods. Sorry nerds, but in this case either stick to the library where you are considered the social butterfly or get some drinks in you to help bring out your true colors. Another caller, Tracy, says a man has to “have it together.” Basically, she believes a man just needs to have their life in order, a clean car, money, etc. So basically, have a good roll of dough and don’t look like you just got off the streets. That’s all you need! Confidence and money! Now go out and get them ladies!

Tracy has an idea that men just need to have their life together, which triggers a heated argument between Jeff and Jeremy

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