Ok so it’s probably not plagaration* if we just provide you with links to both sides of the story. So here they are…

Meg Whitman is bad, side of the story

Meg Whitman is good, side of the story 

Jeff, Jeremy and Kevin from SLO discuss the whole scenario and can’t arrive at anything except that Jeff should work at NPR.**

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 *yes that is a made up word… if ESPN can make up “Trickeration” then we’re hoping this will catch on.

** This is the ony thing on this page that is our actual intellectual property :)


Sad news out of New York yesterday as one of our favorite comedians passed on after overdosing on prescription medicine. GREG, YOU WILL BE MISSED! Make sure you take a few moments to listen to Greg’s funnier stand-up bits below. They’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

It just so happens that we had Paul Ogata scheduled this morning to talk about the San Francisco Comedy Competition and the conversation got a little serious when Greg’s name came up. But he was able to give us some insight as to what life is like being a Stand-Up.

Greg on Diets

Greg on Speed Minimums

Greg on how dumb we are

Greg with a more accurate portrayal of how the Titanic really was

Greg on being drunk at weddings

Greg on how the TV Networks have become fear machines

and… ironically Greg on how old people need drugs more than young people do


Our vote is for this lovely blonde!


This might be the greatest idea for a website!

Omar has created a website where Girls compete for cash prizes by seeing who’s the sexiest ice cream eater. It is called www.ilickicecream.com.

Check This Out!!!



Here is a more realistic version of Paper Football that has been added to our Ultimate Tailgating Prize Package.

You remember playing paper football back when you were a kid, right? Wish there was a game on the market that took the rules and game play of paper football but made it more realistic and designed for tailgating? Introducing Tailgate Shootout.


… or just the chance to win $100k? 

Is it just us or is this the Bitter Beer Face guy from the old Keystone commercials.

Meet David Winkelmann he was listening to 93.5 KORB-FM . . . 93 Rock . . . when a DJ offered $100,000 to anyone who tattooed the station logo on their forehead.  He AND his stepson both got the 93 Rock logo on their foreheads, including their motto, quote, “The Quad City Rocker.”  But when they went to collect their prize money, the station told them it was all a PRACTICAL JOKE . . . there was no money. David sued the station, but the suit was dismissed when David failed to show up for court proceedings. Recently David won the award for the best mugshot ever when he was arrested…. for get this… not showing up in court on an unrelated incident.

David was lucky enough to get another award on the show this morning. DUMBASS OF THE DAY!


News reports are out that the judge from Last Comic Standing, overdosed over the weekend.  He is in critical but stable condition. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him…

That led us to a discussion on whether or not doped up comedians are funnier than clean ones. click on the play sign here.


Ryan is a fitness Junkee! He’s got a website that shows you how to be a Cental Coast Fitness Junkee! Check out Living the Run.


This morning Ryan came by and gave Jeremy his first piece of advice in losing some weight!


We hate to admit it but we both saw sunday nights episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Both of our wives make us watch it after Sunday Night football.

On Sunday’s episode Kim and her sister Khloe were poking around in a house that their other sister was going to buy when they found the current inhabitants sex toys

Which led us to wonder… What is the Strangest thing you’ve ever seen when trying to find a place to live. Make sure to answer by clicking on the topic on the facebook picture below?


Apparently there are some positives that can come out of this show, besides the scientific research we conduct on the first of every month when we see what items will stick to an attractive girls body. Or annually when we bring you the Hottest Mom on the Central Coast or find out who the Hottest Newschick is… We here at Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning seem to be somewhat successful in shaping today’s aspiring broadcasting youth. This is a Facebook message we received from an intern who worked with us a little over a year and a half ago. 


Who would have ever thought this girl would have any thing nice to say about us after Jeremy creeped her out imagining her in her panties.

Or after we exposed her for being a shallow sorority sister.

Maybe all the abuse she endured here taught her that religious radio was much less personal. Ah….We kid because we love. Thanks for all the kind words Diana.  We are glad you are having a good time in this business. Take care and keep in touch!

If you would like to gain useful life experience like Diana make sure to check out this Craigslist post


This Morning Ryan Buell from Paranormal State talked with us about some of the more interesting cases the crew at Paranormal State have investigating.


Yesterday we had a spirited discussion about whether or not the recession was truly over…


This morning we had a chance to talk with Curtis Greco who is one of the foremost authorities on campaign rhetoric, and why we should watch out for things like news reports about the “Recession Being Over”.

If you would like to read up on Campaign Rhetoric and what politicians actually mean when they say things like “Stimulus Package” and “The Recession is Over” click here.