Meet Garon, Lauri, and Trajan. Trajan was born on January 4, 2010. They had some complications during the pregnancy, but nothing that pointed towards the difficulties that were headed their direction. Six weeks after the baby was born, while Garon was at work in at his job as a Cal Firefighter, Lauri had traveled up to the Bay area to visit with family and show off  Trajan. While up there, Lauri became ill. She was transported to the ER via ambulance and run through a barrage of tests. Garon, shortly thereafter, received the call that we all hope we never have to get while at the station: his wife was at the hospital. All he was told was that she was bleeding and they were not able to control it. The doctors estimated that Lauri had lost approx 2.5 liters of blood. A long story made short–Lauri was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

The Couple has incurred a lot of debt as a result of Lauri’s illness. This Sunday CAL FIRE and SLO County Fire Department will be holding a fundraiser for the Garon, Lauri, and Trajan at the Pozo Saloon. This fundraiser will include a Motorcycle ride, BBQ, Door Prizes and three bands playing live music to find out more about the event go to www.slocfac.org . REMEMBER WHAT MAKES THE CENTRAL COAST GREAT IS COMMUNITY MEMBERS HELPING OTHER COMMUNITY MEMBERS!

This Morning Jeff and jeremy talked with Garon’s brother about how the family found out and what all is going to be given away at the BBQ on Saturday