Ok so it’s probably not plagaration* if we just provide you with links to both sides of the story. So here they are…

Meg Whitman is bad, side of the story

Meg Whitman is good, side of the story 

Jeff, Jeremy and Kevin from SLO discuss the whole scenario and can’t arrive at anything except that Jeff should work at NPR.**

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¬†*yes that is a made up word… if ESPN can make up “Trickeration” then we’re hoping this will catch on.

** This is the ony thing on this page that is our actual intellectual property :)


Sad news out of New York yesterday as one of our favorite comedians passed on after overdosing on prescription medicine. GREG, YOU WILL BE MISSED! Make sure you take a few moments to listen to Greg’s funnier stand-up bits below. They’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

It just so happens that we had Paul Ogata scheduled this morning to talk about the San Francisco Comedy Competition and the conversation got a little serious when Greg’s name came up. But he was able to give us some insight as to what life is like being a Stand-Up.

Greg on Diets

Greg on Speed Minimums

Greg on how dumb we are

Greg with a more accurate portrayal of how the Titanic really was

Greg on being drunk at weddings

Greg on how the TV Networks have become fear machines

and… ironically Greg on how old people need drugs more than young people do