You guys voted her the Hottest Newschick on the Central Coast! This morning Danielle came in on the show and all Jeremy had to offer her was that tasty little morsal that is on his cheek (after he moved it from his Moustache) circled in yellow.

The booger comes up here in conversation with Danielle and her producer, in what most likely was the most uncomfortable conversation that we have ever had live on the air!

If you are the active type who likes to get out and experience the Central Coast make sure to check out Miss Lerner’s blog below by clicking on all those active people doing all those things that Jeff and Jeremy have no clue about!

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  1. […] everything, including when Jeff called out Jeremy on Monday for having a booger on his face while interviewing Danielle Lerner live in studio! She was just crowned the “Hottest News Chick on the Central Coast” and it was more […]