Last year we did this and it was huge!!! We were on a quest to find out who the hottest newschick on the Central Coast is. KCOY’s Katie Marzullo ended up winning in the end.

What we are doing this year is a little different. Last year we opened up the voting to anyone who wanted to do it for the last day of the competition. As you could imagine we got a lot of complaints. So this year what we have decided to do is open up the voting for one hour sometime between 6 and 10am on the dates between the 13th and the 17th. So Everyday of the competition you will have a chance for unlimited voting for the hottest news chick beginning Monday morning. But you have to be listening between 6 and 10 to find out when the window of opportunity is. MAY THE HOTTEST NEWSCHICK WIN!!!

If the Mumbo Jumbo above is confusing then listen to this explanation of how it all is going to go down.

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Here are the results from last year:

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